Lead Generation on Autopilot

Qualified sales calls for only $300 per appointment.

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Lead Gen on Autopilot

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800 prospects per month

I aim for a 1% warm reply rate, if all of those turn to booked appointments, that means a target of 8 appointments at $2400 every month. Results vary by industry.

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Bespoke targeting & personalization

Fill out my onboarding form and I'll create a list of prospects tailored to your ideal customer persona. Each lead includes a introductory line tailored down to the individual prospect. You have permanent access to all prospects I generate.

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Only pay for booked appointments

Each appointment is a flat $300 after an initial setup fee of $500. Setup period is 2 weeks. I do not guarantee appointments, but I will refund your setup fee in the event of an unsuccessful campaign. If I am not satisfied with performance after an initial 90 day period, I may end our partnership on good terms. I try to aim for mutually-beneficial partnerships.

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My outreach system utilizes multiple channels for outreach. Email, LinkedIn, Ringless Voicemails, and even phone calls. The system's design may vary per campaign.

Transparent & Dependable

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Live reply tracking database

Instantly view all replies for your campaigns and get a birds-eye view of performance. No guessing games when it comes to engagement.

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Instant access to all prospects and personalized first-lines upon request.

Want to double-check that I'm actually targeting your ideal customer persona? I provide all prospect lists and personalized first-lines for your review upon campaign launch.


Don't worry - this ain't my first rodeo.

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Need leads? Let’s talk!

About me

Hi there - I'm Sam

Throughout my time in marketing, I've worked with 4 different agencies across the globe. I'm passionate about building growth engines that transform businesses through organic demand generation. It's my passion.

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Quick! Before you go...

Business Development Accelerator

Want to bring this system in-house?

Don't feel like outsourcing your sales process?
Think my appointments are too expensive?
Want to offer lead gen as a service yourself?

I can show you the in's & out's of my automated system over a 4 week consulting curriculum that covers the automations, software, copywriting, and email deliverability.

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